On-line treatment

This type of treatment based on the pedagogy of pain neurobiology allows physical therapy to be practiced “hands off”, in the modality on line.

Each person learns differently, comes from particular experiences and is different despite the fact that the symptoms are similar. That is why this treatment, despite being at a distance, is personalized, adapted and designed for each one, like a tailored suit. In a world made of “pret a porter” even in health, this makes a remarkable difference. 

If you have also gone through the “merry-go-round” of treatments for pain and chronic conditions, it is legitimate to ask yourself how a treatment by electronic means could help you if nothing so far has succeeded, or if it has been partial or temporarily. 

This approach is absolutely resolutive for chronic pain and conditions, but not for everyone, so it begins with a detailed medical history to assess whether you are a candidate for this treatment since we want to ensure 100% success. Yes, we can do it by internet because it is a  “pain couching” 

In addition to the “physio-pedagogy” sessions, guidelines and exercises will be given to be performed daily, and there will be a follow-up, sometimes weekly, other fortnightly and other monthly. It will end when the person is completely symptom free.

“Going to the physio” should not last a lifetime, if we get to the root of the problem the recovery is 100%.

And you will also save on treatments

How much money have you spent on treatments? Have you done the calculation? This treatment is equivalent to about 12 consultations, in this case you only need to do it once, and the tools and strategies last for a lifetime.