What we do?

This treatment based on physiotherapy for the reversal of pain and chronic symptoms, requires that the person requesting it, has ruled out through conventional medical diagnoses that he/she does not need immediate medical care, due to fractures, infectious processes, cancer, or some outbreak of an autoimmune disease.

Once the need for immediate medical intervention has been ruled out, treatment can be started after an assessment, through an exhaustive clinical history to ensure, as far as possible, that the person is likely to be successful, in the reversal of the symptoms with this approach.

Treatment is usually successful and relies on two key tools:

• Pain reprocessing therapy. In other areas also known as Pain Neuroscience Education. It consists of education about the symptoms to reach the understanding that they originate in the brain, due to learned neural networks, not that they “are in your head.” With this, the fear of having a damaged or injured body is reduced, this helps to gradually increase physical activity, which is precisely the first thing that we tend to avoid for fear of damaging ourselves more, when, both physical activity, home activities, and recreational activities, are key to recovery.

• Emotional Awareness and  Expression Therapy, which aims to increase awareness of emotions, linked to past or present tensions or traumas, personality traits, such as self-demand, “goodness” and perfectionism. At the same time, improve communication skills with key people in our lives and who are related to the conflicts we live.

To all this, a very important point should be added, and that is that this approach is not only interested in relieving chronic pain and the symptoms that psychophysiological conditions produce, but in eliminating them, or reversing them completely.