Carmen Espunya

Carmen Espunya:

Degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia, (U.V.) Spain. Master in Applied Neurohappiness , Certified in Mindfulness by the ADEIT, Universidad de Valencia, CFT de Paul Gilbert and MBCT by AEMIND, Spain, and  Reverse Trauma Therapy by NICABM. CT, USA 

She develops her professional activity as an Integrative Mind-Body clinical Psychologist. She has more than 30 years of clinical experience with patients in the field of mental health. Specialized in anxiety and panic disorders, psychosomatic disorders, as well as depression and trauma in adults and adolescents. She has worked in (child and adolescent) clinic with adopted children with abandonment, separation and trauma syndromes. 

As a result of the appearance in her personal life, more than 15 years ago, of an autoimmune disease, she began her journey, at first more personal than professional, in the search for treatments outside of conventional medicine, with which she only found relief but not healing. She began to read books on mind-body medicine and the new paradigm of health from the psychoneuroendocrine-inmunology. 

She found on her way of personal transformation a Stella Maris Maruso, resercher in PNEI and her book “El Lboratorio del Alma ” and a Dr. J. Sarno, specialist in chronic pain and his book “Healing back pain”.

It was at that moment that her life changed both professionally and personally. Thanks to mind-body medicine and personal, emotional and physical work she found her full recovery and spiritual healing. This event made her life and specially her professional clinical practice as a psychotherapist take a 180º turn.  She enters professionally in the world of chronic pain by the hand of the specialist in chronic pain, Georgie Oldfield and her sister and professional colleague also specialist in chronic pain, Encarna Espunya.

She trained with Georgie Oldfield in SIRPA training for Chronic Pain U.K <<Pain Recovery in Simple Steps>> and in the last 3 years has specialized in the psychological/emotional part of the treatment of chronic pain and psychophysiological conditions. 

Her main work in the program for the reversal of chronic pain and psychophysiological disorders consists in continuing the psychotherapeutic intervention in patients  who after having completed the program of TRD have realized that they still have complex psychological situations associated with avoided, blocked or repressed emotions, past or present, and the lack of awareness of these emotions that hinder their full recovery.

She uses the psychotherapeutic framework of Short psychodynamic therapy SPDT, and therapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT, Dr. P. Gilbert’s Compassion Focused Therapy CFT and MBCT therapeutic Mindfulness. 

She follows the clinical work of Dr. J. Sarno (TMS) on the emotions that chronic pain masks or represses and hinders the reversal of pain and PPD’s, the research of Dr. H. Shubinner on emotional awareness and expression (EAET) and the therapeutic of Dr. Alan Gordon called “Somatic Traking”.

She is currently part of the multidisciplinary team that aims to disseminate the Bio-psycho-socio-spiritual paradigm for the reversal of chronic pain and psychophysiological disorders (PPD) and the training of health professionals in the Pain Reversal Therapy Program.

She is a facilitator in Mindfulness groups for adults and adolescents and develops programs of Neurohappiness applied to health to all her patients

She has her Psychology Clinic “Espacio Bienestar” in the city of Valencia () and at a solidarity level, as a life purpose, she is a volunteer and coordinator of the emotional health and psychology area of the NGO “Junts si podem” whose objective is to help people at risk of social Isolation.