What we do?

Today we have sufficient scientific evidence to demonstrate that the area where pain is felt is only a small part of the problem. An initial injury usually heals after a maximum of 6 or 8 weeks and after that, although we suffer very real pain, it is unlikely that the pain is produced by the initial structural damage, but rather a hypersensitivity of the nervous system. In fact, it is probable that it is the nerve sensitivity that one suffers, caused by a series of factors, among them emotional stress, which makes the pain become chronic.

Any back or neck pain, or pain related to any other structure, is generated by the brain and the Nervous System. The good news is that the brain is neuroplastic, which means that it has the capacity to change, and unlearn the painful nerve pathways it has developed.


For this reason, chronic pain can be cured


Most times it does not happen this way though due to a poor diagnosis, or by not taking into account the new knowledge of Pain Science and of the Neurosciences.

Recovery from long term pain and stress illness does not necessarily involve medication or physical treatments.  Because symptoms of stress illness can be reversed, once the underlying causes are recognised and addressed, full recovery is possible, often when no other treatment has helped. This is a treatment that works through awareness, insight, knowledge and information that conform  a Recovery Program that will cure the pain.

As long as severe tissue damaging causes have been ruled out, such as cancer, infection, a fracture or an auto-immune disorder, then it is possible that if you have persistent symptoms, they may be stress-induced and then the SIRPA RECOVERY PROGRAM is the solution.

Please call your doctor before starting this programme to make sure that anything more serious has been ruled out.