Encarna Espunya

I’ve been a health care professional for more than 30 years, beginning as a Spinologist, I trained in the United States in the 1980’s. I was one of the first graduates of the Philadelphia Spinal Tutorium.

Later, in Spain, I was trained as a Physical Therapist and Osteopath, in the University of Valencia. Also, for some years I was an associate professor of this same University in the Physical Therapy Department; I was also an associate professor for a time in the CEU (Cardenal Herrera University) in Valencia.

For more than 15 years I trained numerous health care professionals in the techniques of Spinology.

I’ve also been trained in Paediatric Physical Therapy, and participate actively as a volunteer advisor in NGO’s in the area of the disabled.

During all this time, I have worked exclusively in the treatment and care of the spine and muscle-skeletal pain in my clinics, first in Madrid and now in Valencia (Spain).

In performing my work, I realise that although I have provided much relief to my patients, my work (just like other manual therapies such as osteopathy and chiropractic, etc.) generates a certain dependence: in the majority of the cases, the patient had to return regularly in order to maintain the relief obtained. A definitive cure was not achieved, except on some occasions.

Since I am passionate about this work, I have stayed attentive to everything that “came out” new that could help give my patients a definitive solution.

This was so until the Neurosciences, Pain Sciences and Epigenetics began to publish their research and their results.

It was then when I heared of Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology (PNEI) and its practical application by Stella Maris Maruso and her team in the Health Foundation (Argentina), with a program known as P.A.R.A. (Programa Avanzado de Recuperación y Apoyo [Advance Recovery and Support Program]). This is a complete therapeutic approach and it is directed to persons that have a serious disease or severe crisis, and it offers them a Personalised Health Care Plan prepared by an interdisciplinary team. The objective of this ‘Plan’ is to strengthen the internal resources of each patient, in order to be able to confront the vital changes that make possible the return to health and indicate a new path towards healing. This program is unique in the world. (Now it is also available in Spain).

From this point, I came into contact with the so-called ‘Stress Disorders’ and the ‘Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction’, the Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS) and the Mind-Body Syndrome.

The relation all this has with chronic back pain and chronic diseases was a logical consequence.

Hence, my qualification in London in the S.I.R.P.A. Training Program.

(SIRPA means Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners’ Association). There I learned the application of specialised and specific programs for the treatment of chronic pain and chronic diseases.

These have been years of study and preparation, being trained and looking for the best professional in this field at this time. From Georgie Oldfield, himself, creator and developer of SIRPA, derived from the research and work of the North American rehabilitator/physician, John Sarno, to researchers and scientists of the quality of Bruce Lipton and Amit Goswami.

In England, I had the opportunity to know and study with: Howard Schubiner, David Clarke, David Hanscom, in the I Chronic Pain Conference.

And in Spain through the Sociedad Española de Fisioterapia y Dolor, SEFID, [Spanish Physical Therapy and Pain Society], authors at the level of the Australian physical therapists such as Peter O’Sullivan or Lorimer Moseley, the latter, the author of the book ‘Explain Pain’, are among my influences and affiliates.

The Chronic Pain Recovery Program, within the SIRPA approach that I offer in my clinic is the result of years of work, research and experience that has led me to seek the most effective strategies in the world for such purpose.

With all this trainining, and the clinical experience of more than 30 years of exclusive dedication to the back and muscle-skeletal problems, I now present and introduce myself to my old and new patients as a physiotherapist specialised in chronic pain with all this training and clinical experience of more than 30 years of exclusive dedication to the back an muscle-skeletal problems.