What is SIRPA?

The SIRPA* approach explores and treats with a Recovery Program the underlying dysfunctional stresses that may be causing your pain or chronic symptoms. Is committed with the cure not only managing pain.

One of the pioneers of this approach was the North American physician John Sarno, who coined the term TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome).

TMS (Tension Myonerural Syndrome) is a harmless condition but very painful caused by oxygen deprivation in tissues especially soft tissues, due to a hyperactivity of one of the branches of the Autonomic Nervous system affected by stress.

Also called mind-body syndrome or pschycophysiological disorder (PPD). It can affect the musculoskeletal system, but now we know that also many other systems (see what we treat).

Now thanks to the contributions in this field realised by the Neurosciences and Pain Sciences, it is also known as the Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction due to chronic stress or distress.

This approach consists of a recovery program for pain and chronic conditions, developed by the British physiotherapist Georgie Oldfield from the works of Dr. John Sarno, cited above, and subsequently developed by the doctors Howard Schubiner, David Hanscom, David Clark, Lorimer Moseley, Peter O’Sullivan; the last two researchers are focussed on giving this approach scientific evidence.


* Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners’ Association